Click-bank Refund Policy

Lean Body Hacks is part of the Clickbank affiliate network and therefore your purchase is protected by the no hassle, 60 day money back guarantee policy. 

If you would like a refund, you can:

1) Email

2) Email/Call Clickbank directly

3) Request a refund online yourself by following these instructions:

If you need a refund for a product you purchased through ClickBank (CLKBANK*COM on your bank statement). 

Follow these steps:

  1. Go to our Customer Service site.

  2. Click Look Up Your Order.

  3. Enter two identifiers for your order:
    • Email Address – The email address you used when you bought the product. This field is required.
    • Order Number – The order number. This is included in receipt and rebill emails.
    • Last 4 of Payment Method – The last 4 digits of the payment method that you used for the order, such as your credit card.
    • ZIP – Your zip code or postal code.

  4. Click Go!. If prompted, complete the reCAPTCHA challenge.
    Your order information is displayed.

  5. Find the order and click Order Details, Tech Support & Refunds.
    Details for that order are displayed.

  6. Click Get Support.
  7. In the type field, select Refund Request.
    NOTE – Most products have a refund period of sixty days. If the refund period has passed, the refund request option is not displayed. Contact the vendor for more information about the refund period.

  8. Select a reason for the refund.

  9. Click Send.
    Your refund request is sent. The refund is processed within one business day for most transactions. If you've received a physical product and must return it, the refund is processed within 19 days.

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