Perform This 1 Simple Hack to Lose 2 Pounds of Body Fat Every 48 Hours While Lying on Your Bed, Without Making a Single Change to Your Diet


- Pleaded Her Daughter Shaking Uncontrollably As Her Neighbours Stared In Shock

Your Next Heart Attack Will Kill You” 

- Warned The Doctor

“Honey, I Am Sorry, I Love You, I… Just… I Am Not Attracted To You Anymore”  

- Apologized Her Husband As Veronica Began To Cover Her Fit, Lean Body.

These words crushed her and made it hard for her to breathe as they pierced her heart like little daggers.

She felt her whole world collapsing around her…

Once an all-American with a radiant glow but after two kids and an accident that left her struggling to walk… her body fat…. especially her belly fat had exploded like a nuclear bomb…

​She felt…helpless, unimportant and heartbroken and just like that her life and her 23-year marriage had exploded into a million pieces and she blamed herself for it all….

That night…she took a long hard look in the mirror and felt a desire to be alone…and quietly said…

This is it…I’ve had enough…I’m done.

She took an entire bottle of Tylenol and laid there waiting for her time to come and what happened next is very hard for me to tell...

Because thats why Joy…her 11-year-old daughter and my baby sister walked in to see her mother dying…

Foaming at the mouth and groaning like a drug addict overdosing on heroin…

Joy called 911 and then me.

What we never realized was that...

This Call Would Lead To The Biggest Breakthrough In The Natural Weight Loss Industry In The World…

A breakthrough that allowed my mom to lose 79 pounds of pure body fat and 11 inches around her waist in only 8 weeks as she reversed her diabetes, lowered her blood pressure and rejuvenated her energy with just one simple hack….

And best of all… she did this
without any exercise….

Or going on a starvation diet ….in fact, she freed herself from all her obesity related health issues
laying on her bed recovering from her broken hip eating all her
favourite foods.

And in almost a weird way….I am happy that we experienced this horrible event…

As her struggles uncovered the biggest conspiracy in the 21st century…

One that revealed the truth about the health and food industry and how those multi-billion dollar health corporations purposely lie to keep you obese.

Freeing Over 21,545 Men And Women From These Crippling And Gut Wrenching Lies

21,545 men and women just like you in their 40’s, 50’s, 60’s, 70’s and even 80’s who can’t perform those insane high intensity work-outs like P90X, Insanity or even CrossFit without injury.....

 and who are tired of being lied to by companies like Jenny Craig, Nutri Health, Atkin Diet and Weight Watchers because those starvation programs destroy your gut health and are designed for you to fail

…Men and women over 40…. who on average lose 7 pounds of pure body fat a week including your...

  • ​Stubborn Belly Fat
  • ​Love Handles
  • ​Annoying Back Fat

Without a single work-out while eating all your favourite foods including: Pasta, Lasagna, Steak and even ice cream! 

Now, you might think you have tried it all and seen it all but I promise’ve never seen anything like this as…

This One Simple Hack....

That you’re about to discover will allow you to heal your gut so you lose 7 pounds of deadly body fat in a week without a single work-out....

Or even leaving your sofa as you enjoy all your favourite foods while you free yourself from all your obesity related health issues such as:

  • Heart attacks & Stroke
  • ​Low Energy
  • ​Arthritic and Joint Pains
  • ​High Blood pressure​
  • And Other Obesity Related issues

Now before we get into this breakthrough discovery

….I want you to know that I am not sure how long this video will be up for

…Since this discovery is an all-natural solution that only uses a very simple yet unique “golden ratio” of herbs and spices found from your local grocery store

…soIt’s impossible for those huge pharmaceutical companies to profit from

…In fact, I’ve already gotten a letter from their lawyers

…And shortly, I am going to be forced to shut down this video so make sure you watch all the way to the end because it may very well be gone tomorrow.

Now…. You May Be Wondering
How I Know All Of This

…My name is Master Sergeant Randy Smith and I am a retired United States Marine Sniper and Lisa is my mom.

In a moment, I’ll tell you how I came by the Lean Body Hack that saved my mom’s life and melted all her unhealthy body fat that haunted her since she had my sister

...But first need to know why my mom became obese with a BMI score of over 35...triglyceride level over 420 and developed type 2 diabetes which
eventually led to the stroke that almost tore our family apart.

If you have any extra body fat such as… Belly fat…

Love handles…

or even back fat Then you TOO could be at risk for life threatening diseases and YOU WOULDN’T EVEN KNOW IT.

Here just take this test

…Just simply take your hands and open them like so

…Spread them around either side of your belly and pinch.

You see this fat in your hand?

That’s called Visceral fat and according to Harvard Medical School...

This fat is stored deep in your body, surrounding your vital organs and is extremely dangerous and a cause of heart disease, stroke, diabetes, depression, arthritis and other obesity related issues.

It’s also the cause of numerous other issues such as joint pain, back pains and other frustrating pains.

Now, this fat is unlike your normal fat and it is very difficult to eliminate if you don’t know how to target it.

Which explains why it’s so hard for you to lose stubborn body fat and trim away inches

…But more importantly, keep ALL of it off for good.

Now, if you’re like my mom

As she turned 40 her body started to change as she fell victim to the countless lies of the diet and weight loss industry 

She Ended Up In A Downward Spiral Of Continuous Weight Gain and see all those starvation diets were simply destroying her gut health and fat burning hormones.

And after one of those high intensity work-outs broke her hip…she struggled even to walk…which made things worse!

She just piled on more and more weight….and eventually developed type 2 diabetes.

Worst of all

… she had no clue that her excess body fat could have caused all of these life threatening issues like

  • ​Strokes and heart attacks
  • ​Low Energy
  • ​Alzheimers
  • ​Diabetes
  • And other obesity related issues.

You see….

if you’ve ever struggled with your body fat I want you to know that…It’s not your fault.

The real problem is the fact that you’ve been lied to for years

….and these lies are keeping you from the body you desire and deserve…and

In fact, according to the world health organization over 75% of American’s are overweight and have excess body fat!

All because of the ridiculous lies from the major health corporations…

Some of these lies include:

  • ​Cutting back on your calories to lose weight or to go
  • ​low carb Diets
  • ​Performing joint busting hig​​​​h intensity work-outs
  • Buying ridiculously expensive supplements/machines

I bet you’ve heard some of these or maybe even believed it

…but these are not even close to the truth. You see cutting back on your calories is the absolute worst thing you can do if you are over 40.

The moment you starve yourself…or go “low carb”Your body will go into “survival” mode and raise its level of
cortisol so that you retain more fat as it thinks you are being starved.

Even worse, your stomach stops producing healthy bile and bacterial that helps digest your food properly so it’s used as fuel and not stored as fat.

And this make it impossible for you to lose a single pound of body fat and

Those insane high intensity work-outs?

They were not designed for anyone over 40 where your risks of injury is so much higher.

If you are one of the millions who fell victim to these lies, then you must continue watching this short presentation because after you finish...

You’ll discover the One Simple Hack that 
you can Perform before you go to bed

That will melt off 1 – 2 pounds of pure body fat in your sleep every night and within just 7 days….

You’ll wake up rejuvenated, full of youthful energy and notice that your excess belly fat is diminishing and your love handles starting to vanish.

...and those nagging joint pains will be gone once your excess fat that’s been adding wear to your joints melts away. You’ll experience a surge of energy to spend time with your loved ones and most importantly.

You’ll be free of any potentially life threatening diseases such as:

  • Type 2 diabetes
  • ​Hypertension
  • ​Heart disease,
  • ​Stroke
  • and other obesity related issues.

.…and in just a few short weeks…you’ll wake up look at your reflection in mirror with your chin high in the air, shoulders back, with a sparkle in your eye as you see your flat belly, slim waist and the lean body that you’ve always desired smiling confidently back at you.

This Simple Hack Doesn’t Require You To Take A Single Supplement, Starve Yourself Or Even Leave Your Couch As It Doesn’t Involve A Single Exercise

You won’t need to make a single change to your diet and best of all…

You won’t need to go to the gym or use one of those overhyped high intensity infomercial fitness products that do nothing but injure you.

In fact, if you were like my mom……you just might lose all your weight while sitting on your couch


If you are like me

…. your probably be a bit skeptical

….And you should be

...because you’re probably used to the lies that those huge pharmaceutical companies have spent billions of dollars to broadcast

…in fact that’s exactly what I though and that’s exactly how my mom thought

…Until we saw the results in front of our very own eyes…as she lost 79 pounds in only 8 weeks…freeing her from all her obesity related issues.

While recovering on her couch from an injury, without a single work-out or even changing her diet.

This Lean Body Hack can be easily used by anyone of any age, however, its most effective for men and women over 40. You see…as you age past 40…your hormones change.

Those exercises and diets that worked in your 20’s and even 30’s will not be as effective.

You need something that’s designed to work with your hormones and meant for men and women over 40 like the lean body hack system.

So, Are You Ready to Discover
Lean Body Hacks?

Like I mentioned before…my name is Randy Smith and I’ll never forget the phone call that terrible day…

It was a gorgeous Wednesday afternoon in Texas and I was hanging out at home with my beautiful wife, 4-year-old son

… I was having a beer

…I had just come back to the States after a tour in Afghanistan 3 weeks before.

I was a marine sniper part of the United States Special Forces Brigade and proudly served my company as we assisted in the war on terrorism specifically with the war with Al Qaeda

That’s when the unthinkable happened. I got the call from my little sister, she was crying

“Randy….. mom’s dying I don’t know what to do….”

“What!?” I replied “Did you call an ambulance?”

“Yes” she continued crying“Ok find out where they’re taking her and I’ll come get you”.

As I hung up the phone, I heard her crying “Mommy please don’t die you said you’d come to my graduation”I rushed to pick up my sister and we went to the Methodist Hospital in Houston.

You see...

It all started a few years prior….

My mom, Lisa was 47 and she just had my younger sister.

She had been an all-star athlete who ran track for Texas A & M. However, after her second child, her weight started to balloon.

She tried to get in shape by using one of those high intensity work-out programs that caused her to injure herself which made it hard for her to even walk!

After she couldn’t walk she had to resort to using those expensive low calorie so-called health diets like weight watchers, Jenny Craig and the Bernstein diets….

which made things even worse because she would always feel hungry and end up eating snacks at night.

Her stubborn body fat continued to grow in areas such as her belly, her love handles and even her face!

Her energy levels diminished and her sex drive was non-existent.

She even struggled to tie her own shoe and started to shy away from going outside…

and started a downward spiral of depression and weight gain.

She felt as if her husband was becoming more and more distance and no longer attracted to her.

And then it happened…

Lisa had her first stroke

She was just standing there in the kitchen when suddenly, the entire right side of her body went numb and she fell to the floor.

Her husband, Robert came running into the room, helped her up and knew right away something was wrong.

He called an ambulance and rushed Lisa to the emergency room.

The doctor confirmed that she had a Transient Ichemic Attack…which is considered a Mini Stroke.

When they finally stabilized her, we were allowed into the room. I rushed in with my sister to give her a big hug. We waited together, not sure what was going to happen.

However, based on my experience in the military I knew that the statistics for TIA were quite shocking

…. in 3 people who experience a mini stroke will experience a full stroke within 3 months.

Finally, the doctor walks in as I held my mom’s hand.

The doctor explained that although the mini stroke didn’t cause any permanent disabilities

My mom’s blood pressure was 170 over 110 her cholesterol levels were sky high…. well over 210 mg/dl and to make matters even worse….

The doctor confirmed that she was type 2 diabetic and told her…

“Lisa, I’m sorry to tell you this but if you don’t lose at least 47 pounds in the next 7 weeks….”

“You are very likely at risk for another stroke….. and your next stroke may kill you

These words felt like someone had just slapped me across my face

My mom couldn’t even walk properly and she struggled with her weight for years and now suddenly, she has to lose 47 pounds in 7 weeks or die!?

The next few months were the hardest time in my parents lives….

My mom continued to struggle to walk and spent most of her on the couch…

Not only was her hip still injured from those high intensity work-outs

She was embarrassed going out of the house since she needed help from her husband just to get out of the car.

In fact, things got so bad that he had to help her shower because she wasn’t even able to wash herself properly…

Then that’s when the unthinkable happened…

Lisa was scheduled to visit the doctor again, however she had made a mistake….

So instead of staying at the hospital for 3 day she went home within a few hours…

When she pulled into the driveway….she felt something wasn’t right as there was another car there…

She struggled out of the car and opened the front door slowly and said “Honey I’m home”

her body perked up as she saw a pair of heels at the door that were not hers.

She stumbled upstairs and felt a lump in her throat as she heard another female voice from her own bedroom.

She opened the door and almost collapsed.

Her husband was laying on their bed with Veronica,
their neighbour


- My mom cried…. as Veronica began to put on her dress over her perfect physique and lean body.

“Honey Look…. I love you…. it’s just that this hasn’t been easy for me, we haven’t had sex in over 6 month…. And……I am just not attracted to you anymore”

- Explained her husband.

She felt crushed, helpless, unimportant and heartbroken

Just like that her life and her 23-year old marriage had exploded into a million pieces

…and she blamed herself for it all.

That night she took a long hard look in the mirror…and quietly said
this is it

I've Had Enough...I am Done

She took an entire bottle of Tylenol and laid there waiting for her time to come….

And that’s when my sister….

walked in on her to see her mother foaming from the mouth on her bed; over dosing like a drug addict on heroin.

She called the ambulance and then called me.

I remember being beside my mom’s bed with my sister as she woke up from her attempted suicide….

I am sorry She whispered with a long low sigh as she stared at her feet avoiding any eye contact.

We gave her a big hug and said Mom “let’s go home everything is going to be ok….”

The truth was that I had no clue what to do

….but that’s when my little sister confidently said “Everything is going to be okay”

“Randy’s is a marine and he fights for the good people on this earth so Jesus is with us and Jesus makes sure everything is okay….so everything will be okay mom. Don’t worry.”

After that moment

…I realized this was a sign from above and that I had a few choices…

I could...

  • Do nothing…and watch my mom fail over and over again starving herself as her health degraded and having my sister wondered if she’d be able to graduate high-school with her mom in attendance.
  • ​Get angry and blame the world for why my mom was in her situation.
  • ​Dedicate all my resources and prior knowledge of the human body to find a solution for her.

…and since I was a marine…I decide to pick option 3…. I’d dedicate all my resources and connections to find a solution for her.

I spent a couple of days thinking….and then I realized….

When I was training in the marines we were never 
told to watch our calories or do any of those crazy
diets like the one’s my sister kept on trying to use…

I recalled that my commander had brought in a Kickboxing Champion and scientist from Canada who came to our camp to keep our squad fit…

And I remember that his system of training was completely different from anything I had ever seen.

He told us to eat more “tasty” foods such as pasta, steak, hamburgers and even ice cream as long we performed a simple evening ritual and consumed this special “golden ratio” of spices and herbs he gave us to use.

Now this might sound a bit like something out of a movie but I remember that when they brought in this scientist

…his system almost created…. “super soldiers” from regular civilians in just a few short weeks.

I thought since he spent most of his life researching the most cutting edge technology in fitness

…. he might be able to help my mom but the issue was I didn’t have his number and this information is strictly classified as it was how our marines got so fit and healthy so they could fight for our nation.

However, I am a senior officer so I decided to risk it all and called in a favour from one of the tech guys and I got his number...

Mike Zhang was his name

He held a Master’s Degree in Applied Science from the University of Toronto and was a world-famous Thai Boxing Champion.

He had trained some of the deadliest people in the world and had access to some pretty powerful equipment at his laboratory where he conducted advanced cell regeneration research

At first, he simply refused to talk to me as the information was classified…

But when I told him the story of my mom…he reluctantly agreed and said "Ok Randy"

“The truth is, the public in America has been lied to”

“You know those huge corporations?”

“They’ve done a wonderful job paying off all those dirty politicians so that they teach all the wrong information to the public to keep them obese to keep making money off them”

“The food pyramid and everything you know about weight loss is completely wrong

“Why do you think over 73% of American’s are obese?”

“Those HUGE pharmaceutical companies profit off obese individuals. So, they need you to stay obese to keep leeching money of you!”

“It’s the biggest conspiracy and cover-up and it’s costing American’s 190.2 billion dollars annually”

Mike then explained how he has created a system used by Muay Thai fighters all the way from Thailand before fights so that they can lose up to 8 pounds in a specific week to make a weight.

That it involves just.... 

One Simple Hack

Using a unique ratio of herbs and spices that has already been scientifically proven in his labs to boost your metabolism and force your body to produce more gut bacterial that helps your body dissolve your food properly so it’s used as energy and not fat.

You see, this specific ratio uses some herbs like capsicum which heats you’re your internal system to burn calories as if you were working out….

Turmeric which forces your stomach to product more acidic bile that helps your body melt away fat.

Fenugreek which is packed full of fiber that helps keep you full…

Or Ginseng which is an ancient Asian herb that’s like cayenne peppers on steroids

….heating up your body as if you did a full work-out (without doing anything) while it also triggers your digestive system so you produce more gut bacteria that helps you digest your food.

And several more….

But the real secret…. is when you combine a few simple tricks and these herbs in a special golden ratio… that super charges their effect

To allow your body to boost your metabolism and produce more acidic bile in your stomach so you dissolve all your stubborn fats such as your belly fat, love handles, and even stubborn back fat

This is exactly how the marines take regular civilians and gets them combat ready in less than 4 weeks

…while they continue to eat all their favourite foods.

Mike then said check this out….

As he showed me a quick video…

You see this?

This is what I have discovered in my labs using some pretty powerful equipment.

This is what happens in your body after you consume the golden ratio of herbs…and follow the 10 second evening hacks.

“Your body starts to physically dissolve your stubborn fat”

He then sends me over an email with about 30 pages of notes….

He told me “Randy, this is 30 years of research and what I call Lean Body Hacks and this is some information that’s going to make a lot of large companies angry.

I have been told by their lawyers to never release this information…however, you need it”.

I just want you to promise me one thing.

You’ll help as many people as possible with this solution

I agreed, I opened up the file, scanned through it…and said

“Wow Mike this is actually pretty simple and straight forward…are you sure this is it?”

He laughed and said “Yep, remember how you and those other marines that got in shape so quick?”

“Remember how you never really had to skip a meal at all?”

Look, my mom was in a similar situation to your mom…

She struggled with obesity her entire life and it got so bad that she struggled to walk up a set of stairs because of all her excess weight and joint pains.

…in fact, she had a stroke and it put some pretty serious stress on our family…

​This is one of the reasons why I went into school to become a medical researcher and what led me to travel and train in Thailand to discover this ancient secret…

It’s taken me over 2 years of research to discover it

….and I was told by my school that no matter what I can never publish it….

Because some of those monstrous pharmaceutical corporations have donated millions of dollars to my school.

…and this all herbal solution would practically put them out of businesses.

She Lost 87 Pounds in 12 Weeks with This one Simple Hack 

Without A Single Workout Or Change To Her Diet

So this was it…

The Lean Body Hacks that Champion fighters…. AND our military used…

A few simple hacks that heals your gut so your body produces more bile to properly digest your food and to melt your own fat cells.

It was right there that I looked at it in the binder Mike gave me…

And I felt a sense of relief come over me…

I knew that this was God answering my prayers….

So, at first, I went home to try it out on myself and see how it would taste.

I was surprised….to tell you the truth most of these spices were quite common

but Mike explained to me that it’s the special golden ratio that’s the secret….

I tried a bit…and I instantly felt my body heat up…I started to sweat just like I worked out.

and I could literally feel my metabolism speeding up!! and right there…

I realized that everything was going to be okay…

I called my mom and gave her the exact recipe.

I’ll never forget how she looked at me like I was crazy the first time I gave her Lean Body Hacks.

She didn’t believe that something so simple as following a few simple tricks and

adding a special combination of herbs and spices to her food would do anything…

And I bet you are probably a bit skeptical too

…and believe me…

So was I

….if I had not seen first-hand all the soldiers that Lean Body Hacks had helped.

And Remember that video showing the fat cells literally vanishing?

So, if you’re a bit skeptical

…that’s a great sign because like you my mom was skeptical too

….and that’s exactly why you know it will work so well.

In fact, the only person who seemed to be confident was my baby sister….

She just said

“Mom…. everything’s going to be fine, Jesus is going to take care of us” with absolute certainty

So, we begged my mom to try Mike’s Lean Body Hacks.

And over the next few weeks we witnessed the BIGGEST breakthrough in the weight loss industry….

Within 24 hours my mom called me and she was squealing with joy because she lost 2 pounds of body fat and her belly was down 1 inch without doing anything but adding the golden spice to her breakfast.

It was as if she was a whole new person…

Her energy came roaring back, her skin looked better and the most incredible part was that she kept on losing weight…

7 pounds in the first week…

Then another 10 pounds in the second week….

Plus, she was feeling more energetic, her husband was happier too! She kept on following the Lean Body Hacks system

...drinking the herbal tea’s before bed, using the golden ratio of spices and following some other simple hacks…

And over the next few weeks we witnessed a miracle.

My mom, an overweight and injured 53-year-old went from 210 pounds to 131 pounds in 8 weeks without making a single change to her diet while laying on the couch.

She did as much exercise as walking to her kitchen, while still eating all her favourite foods and not performing a single bone shattering work-out.

She now has the energy, vitality and look of a 20-year-old and you should see the way her husband looks at her now and proudly holds her hand in public.

As her weight started coming down her arthritic pains diminished too!

She even started going on walks and was proud to look at herself in the mirror again.

After a few weeks, my mom had to return to the doctor for her follow-up visit after her stroke.

As we drove, I saw my mom blinking rapidly and biting at her lip.

I felt butterflies in my stomach since this was the same office where just a few weeks earlier my mom was told she would die if she didn’t lose her weight.

However, we needed to have the doctor confirm with us that she was no longer at risk of these life-threatening issues.

Wow!! What have you been doing!?! -  the 
administrative staff screamed teary eyed as they

 couldn’t believe my mom’s transformation.

They remembered my mom and were STUNNED at her condition.

They even asked her how she did it…and they all wanted to know her secret!

So we finally sat down, the doctor said with bulging eyes “You look amazing! what have you been doing?”

My mom just turned to me with tears of happiness in her eyes…and couldn’t even piece together her words.

The doctor then took a small blood sample from my mom…

At the exact spot where the doctor had told us that she would die if she didn’t lose her body fat

…and as I held her hand and waited in silence.

The doctor returned with a giant smile…

“Your blood pressure is 110/73 your cholesterol level is 89 mg and your blood sugar is now at normal levels, you no longer have type 2 diabetes…”

In fact, your body is showing characteristics that I’d see in a fit 20 year old.

“I don’t know how you did this, but in my 43 years as a medical doctor, this is the most incredible recovery I’ve ever seen, congrats” he reported

We all teared up… then my sister put her hand on my chest and gave me a hug and whispered…

Thank You Randy, You Saved My Life”

Now…remember how Mike made me promise to help as many people as I could?

Well…I’ll be honest with you…I didn’t want to….

I was happy to just get my mom out of her situation…because here’s the thing….

Maybe it was a fluke?

Could something so simple as a few hacks mixed with a golden ratio of herbs taken at specific times be so powerful?

Could it really heal your gut so that your body starts to dissolve your stubborn fat like sugar in hot water?

I did see the incredible transformation that my mom went through…

How she lost 79 pounds in 8 weeks sitting on her couch since she wasn’t able to walk properly…

Losing 17 inches from her waist…reversing all her signs of aging…restoring her energy…

And most importantly…. preventing a lethal second stroke

…. yet I was still a bit unsure…

Then one day I logged into my face-book and noticed something…

My mom’s transformation had been shared 11,273 times and seen by 931,400 people!!

I was getting inquiries from all over the world about Lean Body Hacks

My friends ……my mom’s friends …and even random people on social media started to ask questions about exactly what she did.

Now, at first

…I was overwhelmed with these messages and I was slightly annoyed.

However, I remember the promise I made to Mike and my mom said

“Randy…this is god’s way of showing you your
…. you need to go help others with your discovery

This was the kick in the butt that I needed…I decided right there to retire from the marines and spend my life helping and servings others.I gave the Lean Body Hacks to some of the individuals who inquired….and the results were absolutely shocking…

Check Out Kimberley...

A 38 year old mother of two beautiful girls who was on the verge of a heart breaking divorce because her health condition had put so much stress on her family. She rapidly lost lost 35 pounds in 8 weeks by simply following the one simple hack and eating the golden spice ratio in this system and now spends quality time with his daughter by going on trips with them as her energy level have been restored and all her obesity related issues gone!

What About Vanessa?

Vanessa couldn't perform any of those insane high intensity exercises that her "corporate trainer" told her to do (while ripping her off). She used lean body hacks and within the first 3 weeks, she lost 21 pounds and she kept on losing her body fat without a single exercise or change to her diet. In the end she lost 87 pounds in only 12 weeks and now her life has completely changed. 

Or Maybe Emma accountant who struggled with her weight for 23 years until she saw my mom’s story and messaged me. I put her on my Lean Body Hacks system. She decided to use the golden ratio of spices in her every day cooking and in the first week, she messaged me that she had lost 2 pounds every 48 hours. Without a single change to her diet or exercise.

Don't Forget About Olivia

Her transformation completed shocked her doctor because her doctor suggested that she try expensive and invasive surgery.  All she had to do was follow the simple Lean body Hack Manual and she lost 98 pounds in 12 weeks.

Or what about men?

And this is only a few of the over 21,545 transformations that I’ve been able to help

After seeing the thousands of transformations…

I’ve taken Mike’s folder….and organized it into an easy to follow

Done for you system along with a few other extra items that

I know will be beneficial for you and I’ve kept the name Lean Body Hacks


Introducing... Lean Body Hacks

The Lean Body Hacks Manuel $97 Value

In this manual, you will discover the scientifically proven secret herbal
combinations to repair your gut health and boost your metabolism to build a lean and trim body.

You will Find:

  • Secret golden ratio of spices that will help you melt away your stubborn fat and reduce your risk of developing heart related issues by 33%
  • ​A simple dietary trick that boosts the “happy” endorphins in your body making you happier and more energetic in as little as 24 hours.
  • What vegetables to consume if you want to stay fuller longer and what vegetables you must avoid when trying to lose fat (you’d be surprised how certain veggies could force your body to lay down layers of fat around your trouble spots)
  • Simple 10-second tricks to turn on your metabolism and fat burning hormones.
  • Breathing rhythm exercises to help opens your cells to accept more oxygen.


...the secret golden ratio of spices can be ingested in two ways

...used to cook your everyday meals as outlined in the blueprint or you can enjoy a delicious cup of herbal tea from your...

Lean Body Hacks Detox Tea’s $97 Value

This is the secret golden ratio of herbs and spices in a done for you tea guide. This guide gives you all the lean body hacks detox tea recipes that you can make right at home.

Remember, all the spices and herbs can be easily located in your local grocery store, but you must follow the Secret golden ratio and the drinking periods.

This book will give you all the recipes that you need to sky rocket your metabolism and heal your gut so that your body starts to burn off all your deep stubborn body fat hour after hour from the moment you drink this tea.

Lean Body Hacks 21 Day Guide $67 Value

This is the detailed 21 day done for you guide that tells you exactly what you need to do to lose 7 pounds every single week without any exercises, diets or even making a single change to what you eat.

This guide tells you what to do the moment you wake up, how to add the secret golden ratio of herbs and spices to your cooking and utilize all the other hacks included in the Lean Body Hacks Blueprint.

1 Month Accountability Check-In’s $297

This is something we normally would never offer but because of the amount of people that Mike Zhang and I have been able to help…. and how much of an impact Lean Body Hacks had on my family.

I want to make sure you succeed without any excuses so after you invest in the system.

I will personally check up on you for 1 month after you buy the program via email.

So, if you have any concerns at all

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to be able to hold your grandkids in your arms?

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Without having to constantly buy medication or

perform those insane bone shattering work-outs or one of those crazy starvation diets…

Remember…all you need to do is a few 10 second hacks at night then wake up in the morning

…eat the herbs and spices in the exact golden ratio or

sip on a cup of warm delicious spiced tea….

And within 30 seconds of drinking this delicious cup of tea…

You feel a sense of energy rushing over you….as if someone super charged your batteries…

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Which is why I have decided to dedicate my life towards this purpose

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I’ve retired from a lucrative career as a marine….

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In fact, I’ve already helped transform the lives of 21,545 men and women over 40!

Therefore, against the advice of my webmaster, I’m lowering the one-time investment…

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So, if this video is still playing, that means congratulations!

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I won’t be pricing it at $197, or even $97…which is less than one visit to a decent personal trainer or nutritionist.

Instead, when you invest into the Lean Body Hacks system today and you make the decision to eliminate all your stubborn fat and destroy the number one cause of deadly heart disease and diabetes.

The only thing I ask of you is to simply help recoup a tiny portion of my huge web costs, fees by investing

Only $37 in your health and well-being.

I have seen first-hand and understand the struggles that you are going through and I do not want to see your family go through the same horrific experience that my family had to go through…

Even worse, did you know obesity related deaths is the leading cause of preventable deaths in the United States?

An estimated 323,440 PREVENTABLE deaths per year are due to the obesity epidemic.

My mom was almost one of them…

Kimberley was almost one of them…

Emma was almost one of them…

My thousands of clients whom I have helped could have been one of those 323,440…

YOU could be one of those preventable deaths…

So please… this isn’t about money for me…

I want you to wake up tomorrow morning, walk over to the mirror and see and feel your sides begin to slim.

I want you to be symptom free of any obesity related diseases…. Including heart disease, stroke, diabetes, depression, arthritis and other obesity related issues..

I want you to walk around with your head high in confidence and be proud of your body.

In fact, since I am so passionate about helping you and exposing the lies from those big health and fitness companies that...

I am going to offer some  bonuses that’s going to help you incinerate your stubborn body fat so much faster

60 Second Flat Belly Hacks ($57 Value)

​​​In the 60 second Lean Belly Hacks, I’ll teach you the “secret” method that the marines and fighters use to torch off their stubborn belly fat in just 60 seconds. These 60 second sequences are going to specifically target your belly fat and midsection to get you that flat belly you’ve always desired and deserve.

​​Bonus #2 – Over 40 Libido Hacks ($57 Value)

​​​​Do you feel like you never have the sexual drive that you had when you were 20? Did you know according to statistics….your sexual energy should be highest as you age past 40?I am going to teach you how to “feed” your libido with some simple foods that will have you and your partner jumping over each other like a couple of hungry

As you can see…Just the bonuses alone are worth…

$114. But since all I want to see is you become liberated from the grasp of the big health and fitness companies and live the life that you desire and deserve I will include these bonuses for free.

In total, when you add it all up, this entire package is worth $672, but you can get it for much less right now, but only now while this video is still playing.

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You may choose to continue down the road to life ending health Issues and wake up every morning wincing in pain, embarrassed at the reflection in your bathroom mirror.

But remember everything you’ve tried hasn’t worked…so you’ll continue to be disappointed, frustrated and insecure about your body’s excess fat and this will severely affect your relationship with your loved ones…

You’ll continue to struggle with your weight and continue to be at risk of life threatening health issues like heart disease, stroke, Alzheimer’s, hypertension, and more….

At what point do you think you’ll decide enough is enough?

Remember my mom?

Will you wait until you have a stroke or heart attack and nearly die before you decide?

Do you want to get to that point where your kids won’t even know if you’ll be there to watch them finish school?

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Think about the effects that this will have on your family especially your kids.

Even worse, you may choose to give up and neglect your health, then... you may want to get your affairs in order and...

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Do you want to wait until you wake up in the hospital after having a stroke before you commit to acting?



You can make the right choice and wake up tomorrow with 2 pounds of belly fat OFF your body and every morning after that.

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They start to compliment you as you’ve lost fat from…

your belly

love handles

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You’ll continue to progress and you’ll become free of any medication or insulin shots as your immune system will be at an all time high.

You’ll join the 21,545 other people who have improved their lives by adding the Lean Body Hacks to their life.

You’ll wake-up, walk to your mirror with your chin high in the air and see that you look 10 – 15 years younger…

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